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More about Starflyer John Jackson

A couple nights ago, I dropped a bit of info about an upcoming illustration project I'm hopefully going to embark on this summer. It's a children's book called "Starflyer John Jackson" - a picture book about a very special pilot (special, because he's five years old) and his adventures around the universe with his crew as they travel to distant planets and escape from the Zeeps (read: space pirates!).

It's being written by an old friend of mine from high school, Steve Shaw. The last time he and I worked on something together, we were tap dancing in 1950s garb as Mabel and Heinzie in "The Pajama Game", so it's kinda crazy how we reconnected after a gajillion years and decided to dust off this story to get it published.

And having spent time with the manuscript, I can confirm that it's as fun to read as it is to draw. Here's the "Cast" picture:


So I used the word "hopefully" because it's not funded yet. As you can imagine, I'm trying to make a living wage as an illustrator, Steve supports a family in his corner of the Bronx, NY, and really the only way to make this project happen is through the interest and contributions of our families, friends, and of course, the Kickstarter community.

If you think you might like to donate, there's an extra incentive for folks who donate by way of my LiveJournal flist. Just drop me a link in the comments saying you helped, and you'll receive one of the following "Old School Mudblood428" prints:

1) Seeker No More

2) Entwined

3) Something Useful

Here's where to go: Starflyer John Jackson Kickstarter Campaign

Thank you SO MUCH for any small way you can contribute. As you can seen from the incentives list, there are loads of rewards for those of you who are willing to put your faith in this project. I hope you'll consider supporting Steve and me, and I look forward to sending loads of HP prints to the post office! :D
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