Venessa (mudblood428) wrote,

Setbacks and such.

First off, thank you so much to the following people who backed the Starflyer John Jackson Kickstarter Campaign: lunalovepotter, major_dallas, geezer_also, elka78, lewlinx, hedwig5221, star54kar, lnalvgd, yaaronet, pili204 and other friends and family on Facebook (whose LJ handles either elude me or do not exist). I am so truly touched by your outpouring of support.

I regret to say that the first iteration of the campaign had to be cancelled before it failed to make its minimum donation goal, so naturally, everyone's contributions were immediately refunded. But it means that Steve now has an opportunity to review his approach and streamline the expenses to match the amount that he DID receive, so that the next attempt is sure to succeed.

So the good news is that he's going to give the project another go on Kickstarter in fairly short order. And that gives me a second chance at an opportunity to illustrate a truly fun story. I promise to update as soon as the campaign is relaunched, and I hope those who contributed the first time around will be willing to give it another go when the time comes.

Thank you guys again for cheerleading and donating! I promise to keep you guys posted!
Tags: red admiral, rl
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