January 13th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

Various and Sundry

So I'm taking a break from teh next commish to write an actual update.

First off... Snape's Worst Memory. Wow. I had no idea in a million, gazillion years that people would respond so well to it. I don't know how I can possibly say it to everyone individually, but let me just take a moment to say a resounding THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm gonna be riding on that buzz for a long time. :D

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So yeah, there's been lots of good stuff going on these days, however much I complain about the job hunt and whatnot. It helps put things in perspective to recap this stuff. :)

PS: For the purposes of increasing the joy of those around me, I should tell you guys that the rhr_awards are underway (they're using my art for a header! *squee*) being run by tehgiantsquid, not to mention all the awesome events happening in the triatha_ron, the utterly awesome imitation challenge happening on hp_fringeart and a bajillion other fun things to watch and be a part of, so be sure to get in on that action while you can! In the meantime, hugs to all, and to all a big hug. :)