January 17th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

*is shocked*

Holy crap. I just popped over to hpgw_otp comm to check out the awards and, great gookamooka, they nominated "After the Die is Cast" for Best WIP!


Seriously, I usually think the only thing people lurk around my LJ for is the art, so I never really make much of the stories I write. The only place ATDIC has a following is at Mugglenet Fanfiction and on my Yahoo!Group. Until now, I could only pick out a few people on LJ who even knew about it! I'm so ridiculously honored, especially being beside such other fantastic writers. For real, I'm totally buggin'.

But here's the interesting bit.... It's no longer a WIP.

I actually finished it, like, two weeks ago. I wonder if that disqualifies it.... *bites nails*

In any case, I figured I'd finally pimp it up here in case anyone was interested in reading it; it's the very first finished fic fandom or otherwise that I have ever written. It has flaws to be sure - it gets off to a rough start - but the story itself means quite a lot to me, is a reflection of some of my own struggles over the course of the last year and a half, and may just tell you a lot more about me than I might want you to know. Maybe that's why I have such issues talking about it at my LJ...

Title:"After the Die is Cast"
Characters: Full Cast
Ships: H/G, R/Hr, R/T, etc...
Category: General
Warnings: Character death(s), Violence, Graphic Imagery
Summary: Since the tragedy at the Astronomy Tower, Harry has become an even more formidable wizard, but a shocking revelation may mean the difference between life and death for The Boy Who Lived. It is the final stage of Harry's quest to destroy Lord Voldemort - can he save the Wizarding World and those he loves from the treachery of the Dark Lord... and also save himself? Takes place at the end of Seventh Year.

Prologue: "Mum, Dad, It's Me... Harry."
Chapter One: Cursum Perficio
Chapter Two: Unexpected Company
Chapter Three: Mine Enemy
Chapter Four: Cruciatus
Chapter Five: All Aboard
Chapter Six: Casualties of War
Chapter Seven: A New Generation
Chapter Eight: Dead and Undead
Chapter Nine: Fire and Ice
Chapter Ten: Debts Repaid
Chapter Eleven: Two Serpents
Chapter Twelve: Song of the Phoenix
Chapter Thirteen: The Scar

Collapse )

And a very warm congratulations to the other nominees! I'm ridiculously unworthy to be among you. :)
H/G Book 7 kiss

Getting your charity on and other pimpage.

Okay, post one for the evening, and this one's rather important.

A group of the fandom's best artists and writers have gathered to do something noble. They're participating in Quills for a Cause - a fandom creativity drive that is raising money for AIDS research. Though I'm not participating, I do plan to sponsor someone, and I strongly urge you to do the same. I lost a cousin to AIDS when I was in college, but I'd have lost him sooner if not for the advances in science that bought him extra time with us. So click here:


And friend this:


On a less serious, but fun note for us Ron/Hermione fans, now's a good time to honor your favorite writers and artists at the rhr_awards. Nominations are open! :)

And lastly, because she's awesome and uber talented, check out these icons from mosaic using my "Off to Battle Picture":


Stay Tuned...
H/G Book 7 kiss

In Which Hell Freezes Over and I draw Harry/Hermione... with midnight_ljc!

I'm a shameless canon shipper. But it's no secret that I have a crush on midnight_ljc for being such an awesome fanartist and all around awesome person. I also am much indebted to the Harry/Hermione shippers on my flist who have extended much warmth and encouragement of my H/G-R/Hr artwork, regardless of their own ship preferences. (Looks lovingly at teawithvoldy, macaroni1213, madderbrad, and ashleigh_713. ETA: AND witherwings7!! ETA2: and letmypidgeonsgo! *rofl*)

So... This die-hard Harry/Ginny-Ron/Hermione shipper drew Harry/Hermione.

*gasps* Yes! The pigs have flown! :)

AND THEN, midnight_ljc agreed to color it!!!!! ASDLKFJA;LSKDJF

This is another one for my collab community, house_elf_prjct, methinks. All in the spirit of fandom unity through art, yo. Hope you guys will come look, regardless of your ship preference. I'm just so thrilled Lo did this picture with me.

( The Harry/Hermione Collab of Doom! )

Thanks for looking, and thank you, midnight_ljc! Will be x-posted.