January 29th, 2007


Man, it's been a long time since I've played.

So I used to minor in violin. It's been something like two years since I've picked up my instrument to have a legitimate practice session with it, and what I've discovered is that I'm hella rusty. But once I'd gone through the Bruch, Bach, Mozart, Lalo, and Beethoven and gotten myself sufficiently frustrated at the fact that I can't play any of them nearly as decently as I used to, I went back to my comfort zone: Celtic fiddle. Please restrain your laughter.

And then I started having fun with Sound Recorder.

The second of these sound clips was done with a practice mute, which is why the violin sounds so tinny - even nasal. Basically, I had to use it because my neighbors in my apartment complex would kick my butt for keeping them awake (although I've never once caused trouble for the flippin' fiesta they have every other night at 11pm, but whatever).

Anyway, I can't promise these are any good, especially what with my sloppy attempts not to be heard beyond my apartment door. Also, my musical ear has apparently lost its hearing. Thank God my roommate went off to Hawaii so I didn't have to subject her to this. Listen at your own risk.

Sound Clip #1: Ashokan Farewell


Sound Clip #2: Jig