January 31st, 2007

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Dear Asshats at The Today Show...

Subject: Regarding your report on Daniel Radcliffe's stage debut.

To Whom it May Concern:

I was deeply disappointed this morning to hear the discussion of Daniel Radcliffe's involvement in Equus in London include words like "racy" and "raunchy". The use of such terms reflect an overall uninformed stance on the part of the Today Show regarding Schaffer's play, which was suprising to me as a viewer that turns to Today for its superior newscasting. Being an academic of English literature who happens to admire Radcliffe's courage for pursuing such a complex role, one that will likely be the making of his adult career should it be well received at the West End, I felt it necessary to address your comments regarding both the play and the production photos that have been released.

I would begin by saying that the play is not racy, but controversial. Young Alan Strang, played by Radcliffe, is a disturbed stableboy brought to psychiatrist Dr. Dysart (played by Richard Griffiths) after a mysterious breakdown that leads him to gouge out the eyes of the horses in his stable. Dysart's treatment of the youth begins to unravel the mystery of what propelled Strang into his emotionally distressed state at the same time as it forces Dysart to confront his own notions of normalcy. The play is a challenge to conformity, and its controversy lies in the way it forces the audience to question the imaginary constructs that bifurcate our notions of mental and emotional abnormality. The full frontal nudity occurs at a pivotal scene where Alan has become enslaved by his own machinations, posing the question to the audience: can't you relate to this?

Within this context, it is by and far a mistake to say that the photographs are raunchy. They are indeed revealing, but appropriate to the uncanny and eerie nature of Strang, who is both enraptured and enslaved by his imagined deity, Equus, who manifests as a horse. The photographs are an achievement - they translate both the stark beauty and dissonance of the climactic moment of the play. I cannot begin to understand how "raunchy" is an appropriate description, except to say that it is evidence that you haven't done your homework.

I applaud Radcliffe's bravery for stepping out of Harry Potter to do a role like this, especially at a moment in his career when it is crucial for him to prove himself as an adult actor that can handle roles other than the boy wizard. It will demand a great deal of emotional fortitude from him to become Alan, and it seems to me that the production photos doubled as a way to let prospective audience members know that, wands and robes put away, he does have the maturity to take on a role like this, and that the play will deliver Peter Schaffer's vision in a way that has not happened since Equus won the Tony Award in 1975.

Thank you for your time,

Venessa Scrivano
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Art Request for rhrsoulmates

Wow guys. My last post pulled in lots of interesting comments, and I definitely want to get a good look at them in a moment to put up some replies.

In the meantime, I have some art for rhrsoulmates, which she requested AGES ago, and I've only just finished it. *hides in shame* Basically, we had gone with a group of lovely LJ folks to go see "Harry, Carrie, and Garp" (the second performance) and were infinitely amused at this little nugget of information that JK Rowling dropped the night before:

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Oh, we had a guess, all right.

That morning we went to see the Leaky Mug in the city, and while we were waiting for the podcast to start, Eric Scull nabbed me drawing the pen sketch of what was arguably the hot topic of the day:

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As you all know, I suck at pen sketches.

So Andrea made me promise to draw a real version of it. To think it only took me half a year...

Title: "Entwined"
Rating: G
Characters: Hermione, Ron
Summary: Hermione looks into the Mirror of Erised and gets an eyefull. :D It may be worth it to note that Ron's eyes look far more normal in the real picture than the scan. I had to scan it in two parts and put it back together, and the end result was not as seamless as I tried to make it. I eventually gave up. If you look closely, you can see the line down the middle of his face. *headdesk*

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Will get to comments... I swear...

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