February 4th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

Just add it to the list of technical problems...

Internet crapped out for the umpteenth time this weekend (hence my absence from LJ), my laptop tried convincing me that I didn't have a wireless card this morning, and to make matters more frustrating, I finally get onto the internet only to find that I can no longer log into the Leaky Art Gallery under Mudblood428. Alex and I are both stumped. It keeps telling me that I'm misspelling my username and/or password. Considering the fact that I can get into the LeakyLounge with no problem and have changed my password twice to see, I'm certain I'm not having misspelling problems.

Therefore, my art isn't going on their gallery. Because... well, it can't if I can't log in.

*insert string of expletives*

ETA: Alex from Leaky is made of awesome. It turns out the server wasn't recognizing my account as being validated, so he forced validation on it. caeline and remeciel, I recommend contacting him so you can see if similar problems might be happening to your accounts: alex @ the-leaky-cauldron . org
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