February 13th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss


To-do list for today:
1) Hug flist.
2) Answer comments.
3) Draw.
4) Hug flist again.

That's it.

But for YOU GUYS, you are totally gonna want to check out this week's SpellCast! ZOMG you have NO idea how exciting this is...

Dude. The Artist's Corner is HELLA AWESOME this week. Why? Because my guests are buttfacemakani, glockgal, leelastarsky, and reallycorking! Can you even *picture* this? Everyone? In the same chat? TOGETHER?


You have no idea how hard it's been to keep this one under wraps.

Download the Episode on Spell-Cast.com! It's a Valentine's Day extravaganza! The Artist's Corner transcript is on faspellcast: Here. And if you like what you hear, drop a vote for SpellCast on Podcast Alley!

Also, check out the lovely icons that ahewlett made! Find them Here!

ETA: How could I forget?? Voting is up at the rhr_awards! A HUGE thank you to those who nominated my artwork - I hardly deserve being up there with so many artists I admire! *HUGS*

(Lastly, thanks again for your comments on my last post. I'll definitely be replying. ♥)