February 28th, 2007

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The Bed Bug.

It is 1 am and I am exhausted and cranky and freaking out.

Because I found a bed bug in my bed. On my pillow, to be specific. Oh. My. God. For a number of months now, I've been waking up with random bites on my body, shaking my fists at whatever mosquito managed to survive the effing winter, but it turns out it wasn't a mosquito at all.


For real, I am totally grossed out. I just coated my bed in Deet, and now it smells like a flipping Boy Scout campsite in here. And then, smothered in a slippery layer of bug spray, I got on the internet. As anyone might have predicted... that was a bad idea. All I got was how difficult they are to find/kill/prevent/etc. Apparently, they prey on travelers - it probably hitched a ride into my room via my luggage, since I'm always moving all over the place.

And then? When I looked up what to do to get rid of them? I came across this little jewel of information:

"Be prepared to have your home treated for several days. And be prepared to throw out half your stuff."


I'm not just a clean person... I'm EXCRUCIATINGLY clean! I vacuum regularly - there isn't an ounce of clutter in my whole house - I change out my sheets, I dust, I Windex and Lysol the hell out of everything! Where the hell has this thing been hiding all this time?!?

So here's my question, and I'm praying that someone on the flist has an answer: If you find one bedbug, and she/he's been hiding out for presumably a number of months, does that mean you have an infestation??

H/G Book 7 kiss

Vengeance will be MINE!!!

Hello again. I'm at work and running on about 4 hours sleep because I went buck wild last night trying to do something - anything - that would temporarily address the bed bug issue. So I vacuumed, threw out my sheets, tossed out a small stack of papers that was beside my bed (uh-oh, I hope none of my income tax information was in there...), and tried to fall asleep with my light on (which, as we all know, is impossible).

So rather than reply to everyone's comments, I can at least tell you what my plan of action is based on what you lovely folks have suggested! Thank you so much for your advice and/or commisseration. It made me feel loads better.

First off, the enemy in question:

They are NOT extinct, nor are they a myth. They were wiped out in the US for a while, but their occurrance has increased by 70% in the US over the last five years alone due to global travel. The little bugger probably crawled into my luggage in Las Vegas. ARGH.

So, without further ado,

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In short? These bugs don't stand a chance. I don't care how long it takes, I am NOT making another blood donation to whatever bed bug family has taken up residence in my apartment! Either they go or I go, and by God I am NOT giving up the only affordable rent in the DC metro area just because a BUG wants to dine on me at 3 am!!!!


(PS: A very happy [belated] birthday to geezer_also, mrs_bombadil, and hymnia! I hope you all had wonderful days with much chocolate... and oranges... and trees. :))