March 11th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

Gratuitous Everything Post.

This is all looonnnng overdue.

First off, very happy (belated) birthdays to some of the most talented people I know: mrspadf00t1, tripperfunster, midnight_ljc, and corvus_coronis! I hope you all had marvelous birthdays, because you're all marvelous people! *squeezes*

Secondly, I absolutely stink because Episode 18 has been up for a little while over at and it's taken me this long to post about it! *hides face in shame* Be sure to check it out!

Thirdly, there's been outta control iconage! mosaic made these icons and ahewlett made icons here and here! They're so wonderfully talented, and I couldn't be more honored that they decided to iconize my stuff! :)

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to littlecup for writing me such an incredible story for Valentine's Day! Read it here (and please bear in mind when clicking that it is rated NC-17 and is not suitable for certain underage persons, hem, hem.)

And now it's something like 2:11 am what with the whole business of the new daylight savings time and whatnot. And I still have art to post tonight! Urgh.
H/G Book 7 kiss

Sextet Art dump... (Not Dialup Friendly)

Okay, when things get quiet around here, it generally means I'm on creativity overload. I've been hard at work preparing things for the Borders Bookstore event whilst also trying my best to get through requests and commissions. This post is a product of the latter of those efforts.

There's some serious sextet love happenin' here.

Title: Collapse
Rating: G
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Medium: Pencil & Photoshop
Summary: Requested by Muggle62442 for her WIP of the same name, which you can read here. Hermione, suffering from an unexplained ailment, falls unconscious into the arms of a certain redhead.

Collapse )

Title: Phoenix and Stag
Rating: G
Characters: Harry/Ginny
Medium: Pencil & Alias Sketchbook
Summary: Custom-drawn for the Orange Crush ship on FAP for their 89th Thread. Inspired by the speculation produced by the OotP film that Ginny's Patronus is a Phoenix.

Collapse )

And the big finish... :)

Title: Rain Dance
Rating: G
Characters: Neville/Luna
Medium: Charcoal Pastel
Summary: Commissioned by mosaic for her N/L RPG. Neville and Luna dance impromptu outside of the Shrieking Shack on a rainy Hogsmeade excursion.
Notes:This is the first picture in this medium that I've shared with you folks! :) It's a tricky medium for someone who's used to working with a finer tip, but I love the blend you get on these. (And since some of the detail gets lost in the scan, I've included the close up below.)

Collapse )

That's all for now. :) Tomorrow is my comment catch-up day, so you'll be hearing from me soon, and I'll be following up with a list of the Borders Artwork Poll results! :)

Good night. :)
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