March 20th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

hp_tarot Art: Ten of Cups

I went back to basics for this one. For a couple of months I've been meditating on and off about what I wanted to do for my hp_tarot prompt, Ten of Cups. It's one of those cards you totally want to show up if someone does a reading for you - what I'd call a "Happy Ending" card - so I wanted to do it justice for the comm, but for myself as well. It's my superstition talking, I guess, when I say that I sort of felt like drawing it would have some sort of karmic return. ;)

Anyway, I googled it first to see what the traditional Ten of Cups looked like:

Collapse )

I can see where the happy ending is here. One big, happy rainbow of cups "blessing" the family, home, and land below. But I wasn't quite feelin' it.

So I went back to my graphite pencils (in particular, the awesome set that rjshrop1984 got me), where all my fanarting began - before the colored pencil and ink, I mean. Sometimes I think black and white say more than color, which is ironic considering this card usually contains a rainbow in it!

Anyway, I dedicate this card to my very funny, very supportive flist, who've always rooted for my happy endings. *wink*

Title: Contentment
Medium: Graphite Pencil
Main Character or Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Card: Ten of Cups
Card Interpretation: (From claim table) "Contentment, repose of the entire heart; the perfection of that state; also perfection of human love and friendship."
Rating: G
Summary: Voldemort now gone, Harry returns triumphant to the Burrow, where reside his friends and family, free at last to be together with Ginny.

( Contentment: Ten of Cups )