April 10th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

*wriggles life back into fingers*

I'm afraid to even think of how many birthdays I've missed over the last month or so, but I simply cannot miss this one.

*clears throat*

Happy Birthday hp5freak!!

Amber, you light up my LJ. 'Nuff said. As to anyone on my flist who has had a b-day that has gone unrecognized, accept my apologies and belated birthday wishes! I'm gonna have to scroll back through and see who I've missed!

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Unsurprisingly, my LJ hiatus has allowed me to get a lot of stuff done. The Borders thing is just around the corner, and I finally went through the second floor of the building with Mr. Jarrell, the lovely Borders Sales Rep who invited me to do the exhibition, to layout the gallery and work out particulars. And then, heidi8 shocked me with a shipment of FictionAlley goodies to give out at the event, so in addition to prints of my artwork, people will get to take home postcards and luggage tags and calendars and stuff. I couldn't be more grateful, Heidi. Thank you so much!

So yeah, I'm suddenly nervous that either no one will show (*cries*) or everyone and their mom will be there. (Obviously, I'm rooting for the latter.) So to remedy the situation, and also to prepare Borders for how many people they can expect, click the little button down there and let me know if you're coming! That way, I can include you in the e-vite.

(In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here:

Poll #963842 Coming to Borders?

Are you going to come to Borders on April 28th at 3pm?

Yes. I am made of awesome.
No. I am not made of awesome.
Yes, and I will be dressed in the appropriate wizarding attire.

Hopefully I can catch up a bit on the LJ flist tonight, but I hope you'll drop me a line and tell me what I've missed!
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