April 20th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

*steals a moment*

Yes, I'm at work. Yes, I'm not technically not allowed to be on the internet.

Yes, I am slowly succumbing to temp job-induced dymensia.

I'm going through such LJ withdrawl it's not even funny. From birthdays to RL to comments, I'm missing everything. :( It's seven kinds of suck, and I'm sorry. I REALLY hope it calms down around here after April 28th. I'm just gonna have to start with the e-mails and eventually work my way through comments to see if I can catch up. It may be a while.

So in the meantime, I shall impart this brilliant idea of mine, based on my RL experiences of late.

Picture this: A TV Show.

A girl fresh out of grad school is trying to make it as a freelance writer with high hopes of writing the ultimate American novel. She realizes that she cannot afford to live off of the meager income of a freelancer, so she sucks up her pride and applies to become a temp. She thinks that it will at least give her some real life experience and the flexbility she needs to write, and who knows? she thinks. Perhaps one of her clients will inspire her next work of fiction! Thus, she optimistically charges into Non-Profit USA Inc., and quickly realizes that being a temp means being exposed to the side of corporate America no one sees - the good, the bad, the ugly, the absurd... and the utterly hilarious. Some people can't find this kind of inspiration but once in a life time.

Our heroine finds it once a week.

Stay tuned while we follow her treacherous journey into the corporate world! Don't miss the Romance! The Suspence! The Comedy! And the MILES UPON MILES OF PAPERWORK!!

"Ugly Betty" and "The Office", move over.

"The Temp" is gonna be the biggest @#*$ing hit CBS has ever seen.

(As mudblood125 puts it: "It's like Quantum Leap without the time travel!")