June 2nd, 2007

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Phoenix Rising/Commencement Picspam: Part One

At last! I'm sorry this is late, those of you who were waiting for the Phoenix Rising pictures. Wouldn't you know it, but spoonjosh came up to Washington, DC just after my last post for an impromptu visit before leaving the day before yesterday to go back to Australia! Of course, it made for an even weepier goodbye when I dropped him off at the airport this time, having had more time to hang out (once again, I held it together until I pulled away from the curb), but I'll save that story for the next post. For now, on with Phoenix Rising and Commencement! :)

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And so ends Day One! Ahead:
*Phoenix Rising opens with more reunions, programming, and Dateline NBC FTW!
*SpellCast antics!
*Taking over the fourth floor piano with Josh, Robert, Amber, Linda, and Dianne!

Thanks for reading! :)