June 4th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

GBP and Other Stuff.

I'm endeavoring not to miss anymore birthdays. So I FINALLY figured out how to set my LJ to notify me when birthdays are happening! (Yes, I know I should've figured it out sooner, but I'm really not as computer-savvy as I look!)

That being said, a Happy, Happy Belated Birthday (and a hearty apology) to those who went under the radar this last month! So I'm up to date, a Happy Not-Belated Birthday to damedesreves84, anirishtwilight, alissamora, and bewarethesmirk! You're all wonderful, amazing people, and I'm so glad to know you!

In other news, I'm going to be working for the Department of Defense for a while. This unfortunately means that my internet access is going to be even more restricted than it usually is. To try and remedy this, I'm going to go through the f-list either tonight or tomorrow night and do the Thumbtack thing so I'm not missing too, too much. Just know that if I'm even sparser than usual, it's because Big Brother is Watching. *shivers*

(I have a feeling that I won't get to use any of my experiences there as fodder for "The Temp" either...)

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H/G Book 7 kiss

Phoenix Rising/Commencement Picspam: Part Two

On with Part Two of the Phoenix Rising Picspam! Seriously... this is so not dial-up friendly. Especially with the video...

Collapse )

More to come soon! :D (And I promise to finish answering the comments from the last post before I go to bed tonight. Tomorrow it's back to work at the DoD and being escorted to the bathroom by people in fatigues. *sigh*)