June 19th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

Harry/Ginny and Graphite = First Love.

A Mucho Happy Birthday to the ever lovely emeraldstag and the incomparable witherwings7! I hope you guys had an awesome day with much outdoor cooking and cake!

Before I pass out for the night, I come bearing belated b-day art for madeof_stars. She's always remembered me on my birthday, surprising me this year with a ginormous basket of generosity chocolate, so it stands to reason that I reciprocate with some sweetness of the guilt-free variety! :) She was one of my very first LJ friends (we're talkin' 2005, yo), is a champion of H/G artwork, and a fabulous writer. So I figured... why not do a little half-and-half art and fiction for the connoisseur in a medium that brings me back to those days when I was a baby fandomite?

Title: Under the Cloak
Medium: Graphite
Rating: PG
Characters: Harry, Ginny
Summary: "Let's get out of here."

Collapse )

So as you know, I've been working for the government without internet access for about as long as I've been off LJ. But today, I discovered that there's a Caribou Coffee near work with free Wi-Fi! Hurrah! So needless to say, I'm bringing my lappy to work tomorrow in the hopes of playing catch-up. Again, I'm sorry I've gone off the map. But while I'll still be a bit sparce, I hope teh Caribou shall help me be less so. ;)

Good night. :)
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