July 10th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

I so don’t deserve the weekend I just had.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Mudblood428 and the Best Day Ever.

Joy. (Thanks to i_eatlostboyz for finding this pic!)

I’m exhausted and I’m achy, but I’ve just had one of the best weekends of my life, and I had better get this down on paper – or whatever you say when you realize you are in desperate need of committing something to LiveJournal – before I forget all the particulars that made this weekend so magical. Being on the airplane right now, I figured I would never get another stretch of time to myself in which I can do nothing but muse on the events I’ve just experienced. Sometimes, “squee” just isn’t an adequate exclamation.

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There were a lot of other people we spoke to, but I’ll save that story for when the webcast comes out. Part two of this post will be about the events of Monday morning, in which I become a hardheaded journalist and head out by myself (*eep!*) to cover the Hand/Foot/Wand Print ceremony in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater. In the meantime, I have this to add:

Thank you, Heidi, for having faith in our ability to pull this off, for guiding our wary steps, and for making this entire past weekend possible. Thank you, Robert, for being the kind of Executive Producer we should all hope to work for, and always caring for your fellow SpellCasters as friends as much as colleagues. Thank you, Zorb, for your keen strategy, humor, and Hermione-esque determination to make the most of our limited time with the actors. Thank you also, SpinnersCasters, HPANA, Harry Potter’s Page, RupertGrint.net, and DanRadcliffe.com for helping us to feel like we weren’t among competitors, but among friends.

And thank you GOD that I didn’t faint.

Me, Robert, Heidi, and Sara (Zorb)

ETA: I haven't checked my e-mail since I left town, so give me a chance to catch up! :)