July 20th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

The Overdue Pimp.

Work has me remarkably busy these days - we're talking 9-hour days without lunch breaks - so all of my wonderful plans to update before the release of Book Seven kept getting postponed and postponed and postponed.... Ugh.

But even the Air National Guard can't keep me from being on LJ today! :D I feel like it's a holiday! I'm going back to Borders at Bailey's Crossroads tonight to aid in the book release festivities, do some facepainting for the kids, give a mini art lesson on how I draw Harry, and hopefully do some interviews for SpellCast! Really, it'll be a challenge not to cry tonight when I get that book in my hands - I've actually been dangerously near tears at odd intervals throughout the day, like when I reread the end of Goblet of Fire on the metro, or when I saw various editions of Harry Potter books cradled in people's handbags on the bus.... This book series is just such a treasure. I just can't believe it's all about to end! (*is already predicting a HEFTY pensive post*)

In any case, if you're like me and itching for something to occupy you before the book release, let me direct your attention to some lovely doo-dads on the internet that I think will help pass the time! :D

The New SpellCast Community!
spellcast_lj spellcast_lj spellcast_lj!

So way back when, Robert had accidentally signed us up for a regular user account instead of a community (you remember faspellcast) but we finally got our act together and started up a comm. :) It's still a little rough around the edges, but it's pretty and it'll be home to our updates from now on. We hope it'll encourage you guys to talk to each other and to us. Why? Because this fandom is for the win, especially when there's discussion happening. :D

Speaking of which, I had promised to update when these SpellCast videos were released - lo and behold, I got buried under a mountain of work (I can hear what you're thinking: "Yeah, yeah, whatever Venessa, you lazy bum.") but seriously - if my CAPSLOCK voice isn't any indication of how excited I was when this footage was taped, you HAVE to know that something big had to get in the way of me putting this up on the net to share with you guys! (Hell, I got to tell Michael Goldenberg that I wrote my thesis using his adaptation of Peter Pan! AHHHHHH!!!!)

Yes, that's me - I am the loudmouth dressed in black and blue:
Los Angeles Premiere
(Look for Dan Radcliffe's response to our Wizard Rock question. It's hilarious.)
Hand/Foot/Wand Print Ceremony

I have a play-by-play cookin' about what happened during the wand/hand/footprint ceremony, because well... I was all weepy and whatnot, and I want to write it down so I don't forget. Those kids are so flippin' great. (You may be interested to see how Daniel Radcliffe "directs traffic" throughout the entire video. Watch it and you'll see what I mean. He's in charge and he knows it!)

And of course, while I didn't get a chance to pimp it, I hope you'll tune into our recent SpellCast episodes. letmypidgeonsgo and iamfez weathered audio troubles and late hours to tape a special Artist's Corner with me about Icon-making and the political function of icons in fandom. It's fun times, and a great way to wrap up the first season. And though I'm sure our creative team might not wish me to spoil anyone, I don't think anyone will mind if I say that Season Two of SpellCast is gonna knock people's socks off. Seriously. I hope you'll tune in, if only to hear Sid and Robert go at it like Ron and Hermione. ;)

More pimpage to come, but I gotta get home! If I don't get a chance to get back on here tonight, I hope you'll savor the experience of having a new Harry Potter book in your hands for the last time! Find some way to celebrate this momentous event in modern literary history! :D

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