July 25th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

Post-DH Pensieve: My friend, Potter.

Statement: This will be the most personal Pensieve Post I’ve ever written, documenting my uncensored thoughts and feelings on Harry Potter now that the series is done.

(There are no significant spoilers ahead, but there are some DH references. Just in case you were worried.)

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*Touches wand to her temple, draws out a silvery strand, and watches it fall into the glowing basin*
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H/G Book 7 kiss

You know it had to happen: DH Canon Art.

And so it begins. The rush. The irresistable need to draw from Harry Potter, and it's back to my trusty graphites because right now... black and white just feels right. God, I'm never gonna sleep again.

Format's a little different this time as I don't wish to spoil anyone.

Title: I Thought You Knew...
Rating: G
Medium: Graphite
Characters: Harry and Ron

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I'm still answering comments from the last post, but in the interim, let me just express how much it has meant to me to be part of this fandom with you. The last book is out, but it's not over. As I told the folks from Borders who gave me my copy with a mournful look as though I'd never return to their cafe to draw after finishing the book, just know that this world is far from drawn out, and I know the other artists on my flist would agree. :)