July 31st, 2007

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Public Service Announcement

In the last week, a number of people have brought to my attention that some of my artwork is being hosted by others on DeviantArt. Unlike the previous offender (who has since apologized and taken down the picture), they've credited to me, which is cool, but on a couple of occasions, the art being hosted has been a) a commission or b) art for mature audiences (which, as you know, is never left out in the open here on my LJ and is under password protection on Mudblood428.com).

Lucky for me, Vidalia got me a DA account for the express purpose of addressing this stuff. But, while I've never felt compelled to make a statement like this before, mostly because it didn't necessarily matter, the numerous indiscretions this week indicates that the following has to be said:

My artwork is not to be hosted elsewhere without my permission, (ESPECIALLY not the restricted stuff) and you may not manipulate, download or reproduce any of my work that has been watermarked as a Commission without the authority of the commissioner.

**This public service announcement has been brought to you by the Mudblood428 Sanity Preservation Society.**
H/G Book 7 kiss


Ever have one of those days where, from the second you wake up you sort of feel like you're having an out of body experience?

This is one of those days.

I'm on Dateline NBC.


Go to where it says "Web Exclusive Video" and click the video titled "Harry Potter's Cult Following." (You have to also find it on the video browser window when it pops up.) They interviewed me briefly in New Orleans to ask about my artwork, and wouldn't you know, they featured all of 5 seconds of the footage we filmed! LOL I'm the one who jokingly says I'm close to making a living out of [being a fanartist], which is a sarcastic remark to be sure, but hey, at least they reference me as an "entrepenuer"! ROFLMAO.

I think I may go into hiding. Or, you know, post this on my LJ with a nice long key-mashing "Squee!". Whichever. ;)

Thanks, major_dallas for bringing it to my attention!
H/G Book 7 kiss

Art for Prophecy 2007: "A Visit to Hagrid's"

It took ages to finish, what with work and DH and all, but it's done and I'm so excited to bring it up to Toronto on Thursday. Moreover, it's nice to have it up here on Harry's Birthday! :)

Title: "A Visit to Hagrid's"
Rating: G
Medium: Acrylic
Characters: Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Fang :)
Notes: This was a really exciting project, as it was an opportunity to dive into a medium I'm really sort of discovering how to master (hence, it took ages to complete). The painting was completed on Watercolor board, which worked nicely with the diversity of the Acrylic medium seeing as it can flow like a watercolor and layer like oils. The canvas is just short of 22 x 28, so it is the largest picture I've ever completed! To give you an idea of what went into creating it, I have some production shots below:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Thanks for looking, and I can't wait to see so many of you this weekend! I hope you'll pop by my presentation on Saturday morning, as well, as it will involve putting on my Hermione hat for a discussion of film adaptation. *wink* It should be good times had by all!

ETA: kirleyfries says I should tell you that I "totally Bob-Ross-ed it up." :D
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