August 10th, 2007

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SpellCast: Speaking Out About Censorship.

I've spoken to Robert, SpellCast executive producer, and Joe, chief editor, and they both agree that there is no better time for a SpellCast Special Edition on censorship of fanart and fanfiction.

What with the LiveJournal situation pressuring artists and writers to go into hiding with their creative works, "what makes art?" has become an critical question to ask. My goal with this episode is to gather together a handful of writers and artists who are willing to discuss this issue from an objective perspective, exploring and arguing from both sides of the issue, in a roundtable moderated by me.

This is an opportunity to proliferate an understanding of the complexity of the censorship issue - in particular, why fanfic and fanart reside in the hotzone for public scrutiny - and to, above all, define/defend artistic freedom. As this is a Special Edition Writer's/Artist's Corner of sorts, I'm looking for at least two artists and two authors; if you are a fanartist or a fanfic writer who would like to participate in this broadcast, email me here:

mudblood428 @ yahoo . com

Please include "Censorship Roundtable" in the subject header, and in the body of the e-mail, include your time zone, a link where your art/fiction can be found (don't worry, it's more for my own reference and will not be shared without your consent) and whether or not you are able to download Skype and Audacity for the recording. (If you already have them, then you'd be set to go.) Invitations to participate will be based on compatible schedules.

For those of you who would not like to be part of the broadcast, but would like to contribute to the content of the discussion, or if you are not a writer/author but a fic/art appreciator with something to say, comment below with your questions, concerns, and ideas regarding creative freedom and censorship and it'll be up for inclusion in the roundtable discussion. You may reference what is happening on LiveJournal, but remember that this is not a discussion expressly about what's happening on LJ - it's a discussion about the difference between pornography and art, the freedom/censorship of creative expression. Consider it group therapy for our oppression. :)

I really think this is an important issue. Ethics is a complicating factor for any creative person, and it's worth talking about in a safe forum. I hope you guys will consider participating.

Comments will be screened, so fire away!

And yes, this is my inner Hermione coming out. :D Justice for the house elves- er- fandom!