August 19th, 2007

Deathly Hallows H/G

Deathly Hallows Comic Strip: "Happy Seventeenth."

First, I'm gobsmacked - totally blown away - by the response to "Stay Close to Me." I'm not sure there's an adequate way to say thank you for the feedback you guys gave me. And yes - I'm aware that Sirius looks like Jesus. ROFLMAO. Jesus was a convict too, right? :)

Secondly, it's come to my attention that I'm not getting all my birthday notifications from LJ. This distresses me greatly. Because I hate granting birthday wishes and finding out later that I've left friends out. :( A happy birthday to eeyore9990, major_dallas, caeline, miss_eponine, hgrhr, and more, I'm sure, that I'm missing! I hope you all had, or will have, wonderful birthdays! :)

Thirdly, I swear I'm not gonna beat this horse anymore. :) It started out as a sort of study in facial expressions, and I got carried away with teh smooches. Like, wicked carried away. After it was done, I intended to post this up on Ginny's birthday. But alas, RL=FTL.

Title: "Happy Seventeenth"
Medium: Graphite pictures, reassembled in Alias Sketchbook w/embellishments
Characters: Harry and Ginny
Rating: G
Summary: This one's totally self explanatory, which means I don't have to type it out! Click on the image to enlarge.

Collapse )

On a final note, I had an amazing time recording the next SpellCast Censorship Roundtable with maple_mahogany, mariahgem, tripperfunster, and bennmorland. I cannot WAIT till it's all edited. :D
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