August 22nd, 2007


John Krasinski, I love you and your cheeks.

What? I meant the cheeks on his face, HIS FACE!

Yes, I'm in love with Jim from The Office. But I have to say that Dwight totally makes that show for me. And last night, I think I ruptured something as I watched the Gay Witch Hunt episode and laughed myself into total, screaming incoherence. Season four CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH. In short, I'm on board with a new fandom. Yes.

In the meantime, this is a much overdue pimp post! :)

Icons: People getting creative with mah arts!
**fizzmonkeys created a batch of lovely icons here
**letmypidgeonsgo made a few lovelies over here
**uponadream posted a group of icons on here

Stories/Art: People just... getting creative :)
**connielane wrote this incredible H/G fic, "What Happens When You Think Too Much"
**I can't remember if I've already recc'd this but lunalovepotter wrote this wonderful bit of R/Hr naughtiness, "Luck of the Irish" Rated R
**The joint fic/art collaboration I did with fizzmonkeys for redhot_witch's birthday that I was afraid to post about because of the LJ/6A craziness can be found here: "Sunrise" (Rated R Fic) and "Drenched" Rated PG/PG13 Art.
**nami86 drew this startling depiction of Snape's last moments: "Look At Me" Totally tore my heart out. Of course, there are LOADS of artists you guys should be watching (get on the hp_art_daily!), but yeah.

Happy birthdays to verogeller, connielane, laviecomplique, neledarina, kimmyblair, and cariad2!

Various and Sundry:
**Two of my friends from college have their own movie/theater review blog! Check out Ped and Andrew Talk the Arts (you can find their review of OotP here.)
**SpellCast had 2 episodes that I forgot to pimp! *headdesk* Check out the Deathly Hallows Episode and the Order of the Phoenix Movie Episode (featuring interviews with Nicholas Hooper [*OMG*], Duff Goldman who baked the Hogwarts replica cake for the premiere party, and Greg Foster, pres. of IMAX :D). And yes, the roundtable's on the way!

And just because I'm proud of myself, I just have to note that I've answered 200 e-mails and all the comments in my last post in the course of the last 24 hours. Miracle? YES. *whew!*

ETA: This definitely needs to be said, and I can't believe I forgot to include it - SimplyUndeniable granted me the tremendous honor of making me their first artist of the month! I've been so wierd about sharing it with everyone, since part of me is so "holy crap I don't deserve such an honor", but I hope you'll go over and take a look at the interview. I'm still reeling from it and August is halfway done! Thanks so much to mrspadf00t1 and the SU Wizengamot. As always, you guys run an incredible site!
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Drabble for laviecomplique: "A Sensory Memory"

Dude, I feel like a rusty wheel. I haven't written fic in what feels like ages, so this drabble may come across a little forced. Either way, I hope you guys like it - especially laviecomplique for whom this was written. :) Happy Birthday!

Title: "A Sensory Memory"
Rating: PG
Genre/Ship: Fluff, H/G
Word Count: I don't actually know. I typed it in the LiveJournal thingy. But I highly doubt it's longer than 1000 words.
Summary: Just a little post-Battle reunion ficlet that my sister inspired. Otherwise known as "The Smooch: Part Deux." :) Also, it was greatly influenced by this week's unseasonably cold and rainy weather. Just sayin', in case anyone is like, "But it's not supposed to be cold and rainy in August!" Tell that to Mother Nature, man!

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Connie, your b-day gift is a-comin'.