August 29th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

Commission for belovedranger: Starry Night

Haven't been feeling terribly well, but I just got Blades of Glory on DVD, so I'm not too bad off, all things considered. :) I have about 200 e-mails to go through since I went off the map, so if you've written me and I haven't written back, gimme a little bit to catch up. :) Also, there's a lot of pimping to do, and I promise to do so as soon as I'm able to keep my eyes open. In the meantime, a painting and the promise of some graphite sketches and birthday art ahead. :)

Title: Starry Night
Rating: G
Medium: Acrylic on 16x20 Watercolor Board
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione
Ship: Ron/Hermione
Notes: Commission for belovedranger to accompany her absolutely beautiful Year Seven Ron/Hermione fic, Reach. Quite a prophetic look at the Horcrux Hunt, if you ask me. :)
Summary: " Because she’s grinning down at you, a shy, knowing smile. Shaking her head, and it thrills you... She does know. And her fingers settle, entwined with yours. She loves you. And while your need rises, so does the fight in your system. You’ll not give any of this up. Ever. It’s not a cause, on behalf of some distant belief system. It is very real. Harry needs you by his side. Hermione needs you in her heart. There’s nothing else."

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Hehe. Just kidding. I actually took that picture to prove to my sister that I accidentally made Hermione look like her.

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Must... sleep... *thud*
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