August 31st, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss

"Hiatus post" or "I must be out of my mind."

So I'm departing tonight for Virginia Beach for the Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon. Just finished packing. Should be an interesting weekend since I haven't trained further than 6 miles. (Thank you for your advice, profvector, I think the 5K was a good idea!)

I'm bringing my laptop, but it's possible I won't have any internet access at the hotel. I owe e-mails and comments and goodness knows how much else. Therefore, I promise to get back on the ball after the race (especially since I'll be crippled). Some things that will be up here when I get back:

1) Ginormous Pimp Post
2) SpellCast Censorship Roundtable (editing's done!)
3) Birthday/other artses
4) End of Summer Picspam (hopefully including a pic of me as I stumble over cross the finish line)

In the meantime, please read this:

It's about all the pimping I can do at the moment seeing as I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but apart from the fact that lunalovepotter wrote it for me and it made me weepy, I think it's an exceptional story from Lily Potter's perspective, and as many people should read it as possible. I'm just saying. Drop by fics_by_llp and let her know how wonderfully talented she is. :)

And with that, I'm off to go get my butt kicked and will be on hiatus. Wish me luck. Or at least, pray that I have easy access to to something a little more palatable than Gatorade during the race.

(PS: myrafur, I'm calling you tonight!)