September 9th, 2007

H/G Book 7 kiss


After a mini-meltdown earlier this week involving hobbling around with a busted knee after the race (I'm a horrible patient) I took myself off of LJ for an extra week to get my head back on straight. Seven days after the half marathon, the knee is doing much better albeit still twinging a bit, but I'm finally feeling like I can get back into action on LJ. :) And yeah... there are some incriminating photographs on the way...

So the first order of business now that I'm officially on the map, is to pimp.

First off, spellcast_lj has finally posted the hella awesome Censorship Roundtable: SpellCast Special Edition: Restricted Fanfic/Fanart and Censorship!

I copied the show notes below:

As a prelude to Banned Books Week later this September, SpellCaster mudblood428 sat down with a panel of fanfic writers and fanartists for a philosophical discussion of the rewards, challenges, controversy and comedy of producing material for "mature audiences" in the Harry Potter fandom. Some of our show highlights:

Collapse )

Seriously, HUGE thanks to tripperfunster. mariahgem, maple_mahogany, and bennmorland for participating, because they were all truly amazing. Thank you also to those of you who left comments on my LJ with questions and discussion points - we used them and they were great! (I left you guys anonymous given the relatively risque nature of the podcast - I just didn't want anyone getting in trouble or anything.) I hope you'll download it. If only to hear tripperfunster say, "I didn't say ASSkaban!"

Continuing on this train of pimposity, this is a long overdue icon pimp. kimmyblair made some beautiful icons - you gotta see them: here!

Also, mosaic got some interesting footage at Prophecy. The first she got was of me doing the dance to "Thriller" at the ball. Since I sort of want to forget that I did that in public, I'm not going to post that video. BUT, I'd forgotten she had taped a mini tutorial of me drawing "Something Useful" and it's kinda fun if you want to see a bite-size summary of how I draw:

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Some random alerts for the fanart enthusiasts on the flist - the wonderful posse over at The Quidditch Pitch are seeking moderators at their fanart archive, so if you've got a love for fanart and would like to offer them a hand, contact them at

There's probably lots more I'm forgetting right now, so if I've forgotten something, e-mail me! (mudblood428 @ yahoo . com)

In the meantime, I hope you all are doing well, and I look forward to making up for lost time this week. The good news is that my time off has made for lots of artses in addition to the ones I had sittin' around, and I can hardly wait to scan it all. Happy Birthday to those of you who earned a year these last couple of weeks, and Happy September, everyone! I'll talk to you soon. :)
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