Venessa (mudblood428) wrote,

There's no turning back.

So last night as I watched Talladega Nights with kirleyfries as one of several things I've been trying to do to wind down from this past weekend, I got inspired to do some coloring.

Let me just say for the record:

I love Will Ferrell. I love Jon Heder. I want to have them over for dinner.

*cough* So as I was saying, I did some coloring, namely the picture I drew on this post. The inevitable is happening; I'm totally into the Blades of Glory fandom. Because that movie makes my face hurt from laughing. Plus, drawing it lets me practice a bit of bastardized photorealism and those costumes are hella fun to draw. :D

Title: Freestyle! With Glitter!
Fandom: "Blades of Glory"
Media: Graphite/Alias Sketchbook
Characters: Chazz 'n' Jimmy
Rating: G
Summary: GLITTER! :D

( Fake Cut to the BoG Community )

Tomorrow is my comment catch-up day, and with any luck, the Borders picspam will be up as well! (It's HUGE.) Thanks for looking! :D

PS: Relay For Life Donation Total for May 2, 2007: $340.00!!!! You guys are absolutely INCREDIBLE and I want to hug and kiss you all for being the heroes you are.

PPS: severity_softly has made some BoG!Art icons! AHHHH!
Tags: blades of glory art

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