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BORDERS! YAAAAYYYYYY! (holy crap this is a lot of pictures)

At last! The Borders Picspam of Ungodly Wonderfulness! Cue epic soundtrack now.

Just kidding. The following is a play-by-play of my birthday festivities and the art show, and I'm so pleased to share this with you guys, since you've all sort of been a part of the preparations. Although my tendonitis slowed down my artwork, I'm still going to finish the canon art winners because Borders has invited me back to display at the midnight release party. Now, who's comin'? :D

In any case, on with the picspam! :D Major thank-yous to kirleyfries for being an amazing event photographer!

Mah Birfday!Collapse )
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That is just amazing! I'm so glad you had such a good day, you totally deserve it :D
Oh wow! The setup for all your artwork looked amazing. I bet these photos don't even do it justice, there's something about seeing it in the flesh.

I totally wish I could've been there, looks like it was such a fun day! See, now you just have to continue your Summer Tour across the nation. XD
Best credit card commercial day ever! I wish I wasn't thousands of miles away and could have seen it in real life! But the pictures were wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us her at LJ...and everyone else too!!

What gorgeous pictures! And OMG so much artwork! You're so prolific (although OMG $788 on framing, too!). I'm so glad it went well - and ooh, DH launch party next up, huh? Congratulations!
I so wish I could have been there!!! I mean Charlottesville is so close to the DC area, especially as LJ fandom goes, but stupid UVA wont let me have a car. :( Everything looks awesome, as usual. :)
Oh, wow! Looks like you had a really great day! Ah, I wish I lived close enough to have gotten to come... it looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Well, I'm glad it went well and that everyone seemed to be having a good time! :)
utterly wonderful and brilliant and fandomy and dorky and hatty and arty!
I'm glad that turned out so well. It looks like it was absolutely perfect!

Your dad is awesome, but the real Severus Snape would have an aneurysm if he saw someone attempting to imitate him while wearing a Gryffindor tie! :D
Wow!! That looks like it was amazing! (What I wouldn't give for a bite of that Sorting Hat!!!) I'm really happy you had such a good time. I wish we had events like yours around here. No one seems to be into Harry Potter as much as my girlfriend and I in Oregon. :(

BUT!! The pictures are fabulous, your art is fabulous, and I can revel in the virtual experience :)
(And Happy Belated Birthday!)


May 18 2007, 20:20:44 UTC 14 years ago

Wow! I would have LOVED to be there! It looks brilliant, and some day I may think of the perfect scenario for you to draw for me, and get the courage to ask you to do it :) you're so gifted. I wish I lived in America. Silly rainy England.

this look sooooo great!!! magnifiscent ! oh my holy gods, this must have been one of the most wonderful days in your life :D
all these HP fans and all your drawing everywhere! WOAAAAAW !!! =D wouw! who knows, maybe in some years, you'll be hired to illustrate a futur HP edition! :D just like Alan Lee did for Tolkien !!! Can you imagine this?? "The complete Harry Potter series, illustrated by Venessa Scrivano" WOOOOOUW! I buy it immeeeeedialety AND...I want an autograph ;) hehehe

*hugs hugs hugs*
have a nice week end my dear =) as for me,I go to my dad's for the week end: this is the second round of the presidential election here, and I want to vote ^^
see you soon !!!
It looked like it was a brilliant time had by all.

And I think it's amusing that the Elizabeth Taylor look-alike book was checking out your bum too! ;)

*still drooling over the yummy looking hat!cake*
Oh, it looks like an utterly fab time was had by all. *wishes she could have been there* Congrats on being such a hit! :D

Deleted comment

How awesome! That's so cool! Looks like everything went great!! And omg, you had me laughing so hard at your descriptions!! XD Yes, it does appear that book is looking at your butt! ROTFL!

Holy moley! Framing is expensive! You had them ALL done? That's amazing! How many pictures was it total that you had on display?

And OMG that cake! cauldroncakebkr is amazing! It looks like you guys had a great time!

Your art is gorgeous! I'm so happy you had a good birthday! *hugs*
What an awesome experience you've shared!! The pictures are wonderful and the captions are hysterical. Congratulations and many kudos to sharing, speaking, and teaching about your wonderful talent. It definitely is one of those experiences you'll always remember.

Good luck w/ the book release!!
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