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BORDERS! YAAAAYYYYYY! (holy crap this is a lot of pictures)

At last! The Borders Picspam of Ungodly Wonderfulness! Cue epic soundtrack now.

Just kidding. The following is a play-by-play of my birthday festivities and the art show, and I'm so pleased to share this with you guys, since you've all sort of been a part of the preparations. Although my tendonitis slowed down my artwork, I'm still going to finish the canon art winners because Borders has invited me back to display at the midnight release party. Now, who's comin'? :D

In any case, on with the picspam! :D Major thank-yous to kirleyfries for being an amazing event photographer!

Mah Birfday!Collapse )
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Great pictures, great recap. Thanks so much for sharing!
It looked really wonderful :D *jealous!*

I'm glad you had a great time and the cakes!!!! Ah! And all the people who came, my god! And all your art! I saw some pictures that I had forgotten about...naughty of me really.

I'm glad that you really had a great time and hopefully I'll be able to send my second present to you...through PayPal instead of through the mail.
Oh these pictures are great! Makes me feel like I was there :D

I want to comment on everything but my brain is too forgetful. I've never seen a pic of you before though and you're very pretty :) Your art in fancy frames looks even more gorgeous. And I loved your dad turning up as Snape! That's priceless!

Also, the hat cake amazes me in ways I can't explain XD
1.) peachespig is right, a listing of everything displayed at the show that's for sale would help move some of those items ;), you already know which one I want :D

2.) The Cakes :)))

3.) Well Nessa, if I were there, I'd be checking out your bum too! Hallothankyou[/Austin Powers]

4.) The show looked awesome! I too am sorry I couldn't attend, being in a different time zone and all. All the more reason for you to move to Austin, it's soooo an artists' town here you know ;) (I have nothing to back that up with other than the fact it's such a liberal place grrrr)

5.) see #3

6.) 18th of this month I'm paying off a bunch of stuff so that's when I'll send the money owed for my purchase, cool? Also final price would be nice to know :D

7.) Hugs, congrats on the show it looked like you had so much fun despite the nerves and Happy Birthday one last time before next year ♥♥♥
Dude, that looked so awesome! I wish I could've gone. To see all that artwork in person. O_O I'm glad it went well, and holy moly, two cakes! LOL. Lucky you!

Everyone looks like they had loads of fun... your Snapey!Dad cracks me up, your nephew is adorable and pennswoods as Luna is fab. I also love the ORANGE CRUSH t-shirt someone is wearing. ;)
EEEE! I wish I had enough money to sponsor you on a world wide tour so you could come to New Zealand! Spread the mudblood love! Looks like an absolutely awesome way to spend a birthday. =D You look really happy and pretty in all the pictures, I'm glad it all went so well.

*more squeeing*
Oh, thank you for posting all these wonderful pics! I was (and still am) so disappointed I couldn't come, but it's great to see how awesome the day turned out for you.

*wishes I could buy every bit of your artwork*

Congratulations on the great day. It couldn't have happened to a nicer or more talented person.
Wow. You really look like you had a great time. I wish I could have come, but it was just too far away. I'm glad you had such a nice birthday!
Oh wow, it looks like you had an amazing time. Because it's 8:50am (and because I woke up at 6 this morning to write a paper I have due today) everything I wanted to put in the comments as I was looking at the pictures/reading has already left my brain. However, I do wanna say that I can't wait to see your lovely art in Toronto for Prophecy.
Awesome pictures! I love all the art, the cake, the edible hat! OMG. Looks like you had a great time. xD

Also? You have awesome hair. <33

Very nice. Thank you for sharing!
That looks so amazing! I love that flyingcarpet is wearing an Orange Crush shirt. Yay Harry/Ginny! Anyway, that's such an awesome opportunity for you and I'm happy that it turned out so well!
Venessa...what an absolutely marvelous day! I so wish I could have been there...I've been squeeing silently at my desk this morning, looking at the pics of your fabulous art...I want to know how to make that Sorting Hat cake! It looked delicious!

Made my donation this morning as promised!!!!
This looks like it was absolutely amazing! Wow, what a fantastic opportunity. It's so great of you to do it, too!

You're going to Prophecy? Me too, hooray! :D

Hahah, I took the longest time figuring out your Ben Stiller comment. I was like "WTF, is he an HP fan or something?" XD

Happy belated birthday! That sorting hat cake is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, maybe. *__*
OMG! I am SO mad I missed that! It's looks like it went just AMAZINGLY. I'm so happy for you! I think, to use one of your sayings, that whole DAY was made of awesome!
Everything looked so beautiful and I was Squee'ing the whole time I was looking at the pictures.
Those cakes looked so good on both scales, overall looks and tastiness. ;) And your dad just cracked me up. I'm so happy that all your hard work setting that up and getting through the problems with your wrist went so well! YEA V!! You deserved it!
Yay for fun! Your dad dressing up as Snape is priceless. :D
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