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BORDERS! YAAAAYYYYYY! (holy crap this is a lot of pictures)

At last! The Borders Picspam of Ungodly Wonderfulness! Cue epic soundtrack now.

Just kidding. The following is a play-by-play of my birthday festivities and the art show, and I'm so pleased to share this with you guys, since you've all sort of been a part of the preparations. Although my tendonitis slowed down my artwork, I'm still going to finish the canon art winners because Borders has invited me back to display at the midnight release party. Now, who's comin'? :D

In any case, on with the picspam! :D Major thank-yous to kirleyfries for being an amazing event photographer!

Mah Birfday!Collapse )
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Oh wow! What an incredible day for you! Thanks for sharing it with us! You totally deserved it! I'm amazed at all your beautiful art and those cakes were totally cool! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves - just wonderful!
Hooray for pictures! I still haven't loaded mine up. *headdesk*

I am SO glad you had a good birthday. It made my week to be able to come down and see your work! :D
Wow! Wow! WOW! It looks like an awesome event. They set it up really well too. And your dad coming dressed up to support you. How wonderful. Good crowd too!

You should be very proud of yourself. :)
Venessa, absolutely priceless! I love your dad in his costume!!! I'm so jealous. I wish it wasn't so far away or I'd have definitely come.

At least I'll get to see you again in New Orleans. I'm looking forward to that.
I wish I could get your autograph... sigh. next time I am definitely making a trip to your show! What is the next stop on your summer tour? :)
Btw, you are one of the coolest people I know and are quite famous (just look at the size of you flist!)
i hope you had a really good birthday. You completely deserve having your show as your art work is fantastic(im sure you have been told it a million times but im saying it for the millionth and 1 time:)

Thank you, this post has brighted up a rather awful day.
Argh!!! It looks amazing, I so wish I coulda gone!!!!! You draw so well V and you totally deserved this and I hope you get tons of fan love too at PRNO! Your fanart is my absolute favourite and seeing it again framed and all is simply wonderful :D

And dude, I *want* that sorting hat cake! Gosh, how good does it look simply on the photos?!!! Lol!

Oh it looks like a wonderful day! Your Art looks amazing in display. I just sorry it was too far for me to come along :(

That hat cake was brilliant

Hope you had a happy birthday all round.

Oh wow! *stares* that must have been one heck of a day for you:D
I'm so happy for you, I just wish I could have been there..the pictures are great, and the art!!! guigögiöuöash!!
I'm going potty just looking at it on the internet for gods sake:D
You truly are a most gifted woman venessa:)
Well I posted my birthday pressie for you on my lj, nothing too good but It'll have to do:)
oh the funniest things just happened. im looking at this page and your recording of one of the corrs songs has come up on itunes talk abou coincidences!!!
Wow, looks like you had an awesome time! Wonderful pics - and I did a little *squee* when I saw my OBHWF Wedding pic, because for some reason I thought you were only displaying 'canon' pics. So yay!

This is just wonderful, I couldn't be happier for you. And your nephew is TEH CUTE!! :D
oh..that looked like so much fun! I love your work...I wish I could've gone!
What an absolutely smashing day!!! I wish I were there to enjoy it with you. :D

PS - I sent you an email... did you get it?
Wow, I enjoyed this photo recap SO MUCH (bless you for knowing how visually-dependent your flist is, HEEE) it was all so wonderful. I wish I was there! Thank you for sharing and super-duper happy belated birfday. Obviously, coulnd't get anymore happier than what you've shown, but you deserve it ALL you wonderful thing you. *MWAH*
Oh what a marvelous time! I envy those folks, getting to see your amazing art up close! Thanks for posting these Venessa ♥
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