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Back from lunch after a lovely conversation with belladonna_tb to thank her for the ridiculously generous b-day gift she mailed me. But during said conversation, it came to my attention that it has been a little while since I've checked the fandom e-mail address, so let me start this off by saying that if you haven't heard from me after sending me an e-mail, you'll hear from me by the end of today, as I will be emptying out the inbox. :)

Before I completely leave the topic of b-day gifts, you guys gotta see the shirt that pennswoods sent me with her adorable little fanart!Trevor the Toad! I'm bringing it to Phoenix Rising, baby! Also, Shannon, I hope your wedding was magnificent and everything you hoped for! I cannot express how happy I am for you - you're an amazing person through and through and deserve all the happiness that your future together with your husband will hold! Until your wedding gift is finished, this photo will have to do:


Phoenix Rising!Collapse )

SpellCast Episode 21 is up with Borders Art Gallery Interviews, and Spinner's Alley is gonna be da BOMB.Collapse )

And lastly, teh art. I promised this to redblaze ages ago and I'm happy I could finish it in time for Phoenix Rising. It features what I like to call "Bad Boy!Ron" who is not only beefier, edgier, and has an earring, but who wears a leather jacket in redblaze's story! :D

Title: I'm Ready!
Rating: G
Medium: Alias Sketchbook Pro/Photoshop
Characteres: Ron, Harry, Hermione
Notes: This picture was a practice in textures. I tried to make it look all 3D and stuff, but I'm not sure how well it worked considering my weakness with perspective. Also, all three of them look rather different from my usual conception of the trio, in part because they are older and intricately described in Redblaze's story, and in part because the brightness of my screen was too high for me to realize that I was giving Hermione a wicked tan! ;)
Summary: “Okay!” she yelled from the bathroom, and then opened the door. She stood there wearing a very pretty blue blouse that was neatly tucked into her khakis. She’d braided her hair in the bathroom, and stray wisps of curly hair were already escaping the long braid, but Ron thought it looked lovely like that. “I’m ready.” - "Home for the Holidays" by redblaze (Rated R)

I think you look sexy as hell.Collapse )

And with that, I depart for New Orleans!
Tags: hp art
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