Venessa (mudblood428) wrote,

Phoenix Rising, Beignets, Muffalettas and The George Washington University FTW.

There is so much to write about, it's not even funny. My journey to New Orleans totally took me out of commission and then there was the business of graduation ceremonies and stuff, so I'm not just behind - I'm facing backwards altogether! XD

The very idea of all the posts on my flist that I've missed, the pictures of the hot!trio, the new trailers, the... everything... *HEADDESK*

In any case, I just wanted to check in and say I'm here and have gads of catching up to do! But until I get up the picspam, answer the e-mails, and get through the flist, here are some very brief observations on the last 7 days:

1) Phoenix Rising = AWESOME
2) New Orleans = HELLA AWESOME
3) New Orleans food = A:LKSJDFOQWPOEIRUX<>DMNGV!@#@#$!!!!!!111!eleventy-one!
4) Harry Potter fans and new friends = LOVE!
5) GWU Gradumatation Ceremony = Closure
6) Sleep = win
7) Heroes Season Finale = *woe*

and before I forget:

8) SpellCast = Some of the best effing people on the planet.

And that's all she wrote. For now. :D

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