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Hey all! So it stands to reason that as soon as I discover a "solution" for my internet woes, something has to squelch my excitement. The day after I discovered the Caribou Coffee, I started DTS training, thereby cutting my lunch hours just enough so I can't get there and back in time to have any internet time. *headdesk* The good news is that I should be all done with training by the middle of the week next week, so let's see if I can't get back some of that time lost. In the meantime, I figured no one would mind if I disable comments for this post seeing as a) I'm pimping fandom stuff relatively unrelated to this post and b) I'll have a head start in replying back to everyone from my last post. :)

And now, Teh Pimpage!

I'll keep this first one pretty simple and straightforward. Not just because I'm a host, not just because I'm organizing the next Artist's Corner segment, and not just because we're always getting down with our bad selves like Baryshnikov on speed, but you NEED to download Episode 22 of SpellCast (faspellcast). Okay, so maybe that's a strong word, but really, it's the first time all 5 of us are on at once, Joe has created perhaps the most amusing blooper reel at the end we've had yet, and because... well...

We're going to the premier of "Order of the Phoenix."


*cough* So yeah. At some point I'll have to take a moment to write about how absolutely shocked, stunned, and excited I am about that little bit of news. Have a listen, and do leave us your feedback - it makes us squee with delight, and it makes sure you have a fun show to listen to! :)

Next, some art news from the friendly folks at Prophecy! I totally love this idea... (Thank you, enelya_oronar):
The Prophecy Decorations Committee is holding a “Sleeping Wizard Portrait Contest.” This is your chance to showcase your artwork and even win prizes! As the title of the contest suggests, you are invited to draw, sketch, or paint a sleeping wizard – much like the portraits of former headmasters that adorn the walls of Dumbledore’s office!

Artists may choose to reclaim their artwork at the end of the event or donate it to HPEF. When submitting your work, please indicate if the piece will be reclaimed or will be donated.

- Anyone may enter, regardless of whether or not you are registered for Prophecy 2007.
- Members of the Prophecy Decorations Committee and Judges Panel may submit artwork, BUT will not be eligible for prizes.
- All artwork must be G or PG.
- HPEF will not reimburse shipping costs. Submissions may be picked up in Sheraton Hall F on the morning of Sunday, August 5.

Artwork Size
- Must be at least 13 in. x 15 in. (or 33cm x 38cm). Since artwork will be displayed in one of the Programming Rooms, larger pieces will be more visible. Size will not necessarily be a factor in determining the winner.

- Entrants may use charcoal, oil, acrylic, watercolor, color pencils, or digitally generated graphics.
- If you have any other medium in mind, please contact Kat for approval at deathlyhallows @ cox dot net All submissions must be able to stand on an easel. Entrants may want to attach their work to a board or frame if not using a canvas.

- First Place: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Motion Pictures Soundtrack
- Second Place: Time-Turner (complete with Harry Potter stickers)

See the "Owl & Orb" June Issue for images of the prizes (please note that the CD cover shown in the image is not the official cover design). See link below.

Submission Deadline
All entries must be in either a .pdf (preferred) and .doc format (to obtain the forms, go to Orb and Owl June Issue, and scroll all the way down to The Chatty Canvas: Art and Gallery News. Email the art along with your name, address, phone number, and email address to deathlyhallows @ cox dot net .

Artwork may be mailed in (information will be on the forms) or submitted in person at Prophecy 2007 in Toronto. However, we must have your work no later than 4:00 pm on August 1, 2007. The location for submitting hand-carried artwork will be announced in July.


Should there be any questions regarding the announcement above, please contact Kat at deathlyhallows @ cox dot net.

And lastly, because it's been a very long and tough week, I want to pimp out and thank the following people for sharing the gift of their creativity and brightening my day:

* hp5freak wrote this amazing fic to go with my last art pic and positively made my week: "The Sneaky Boy"
* thekams wrote a drabble to accompany my last Harry/Draco commish, and it's totally brilliant: Read it here.

That said... have a wonderful week everyone. :) Especially nutnatz, xhannaxbethx, and gmth - Happy Birthday! :D
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