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Six days ago, my son was born at our home in Maryland. The start of active labor to the moment he entered the world took slightly over 50 hours total, culminating in over two hours of pushing. The journey to delivering little Harrison is a miracle all its own, and so the race is on to capture the story of his birth before the details disappear and all I remember about it is how my life was forever changed. So before he wakes up, here goes...

I had no idea what I was in for.Collapse )

Harrison Wilfredo Picard Kelley
Born: September 19th, 2012
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01 September 2012 @ 11:14 am
I'm up early on Saturday mornings, usually stirred out of bed by a combination of aching hips and hunger. (These days "getting up" has a different meaning than "waking up" since I'm now waking about 5 times a night from the bathroom breaks or - my favorite - the baby's seemingly endless hiccuping.) This morning, my husband is asleep in bed, leaving me some quiet time to eat some oatmeal and write in case this is my last opportunity to chronicle my end-of-3rd-trimester experiences.

It is Labor Day weekend, after all.

It's like a prenatal celebrity death match.Collapse )

Would love to hear from other LJers about their thoughts on life/work balance. In the meantime, I'll keep you guys posted on the imminent arrival of our little one. Hopefully, he will come sooner than later!
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05 July 2012 @ 08:22 pm
Week 29 Status Check:
Baby is resting comfortably with his back against Tummy Left (like Stage Left, but in utero), his head down and arms and legs located on Tummy Right. His little feet occasionally like to test the elasticity of my belly by stretching out alllll the wayyyy, jostling whatever I had for dinner/lunch/breakfast before retracting and/or wriggling around like he's pedaling a bicycle. I fear at some point my skin will not retract with his feet. There's just too much kiddie calisthenics going on in there.

Also, TheBump.com says he's the size of an acorn squash. I don't know what that means, considering he feels like an enormous, huge, and also large bowling ball-type thing.

That mated at some point with a halibut.

An evolved halibut with feet.

This is getting pretty darn uncomfortableCollapse )
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15 June 2012 @ 10:39 pm
Dear LJverse,

We joke that a writer's job is defined by navel contemplation. Hilariously, my navel is now a constant source of distraction from writing. These days there is a teeny something (Foot? Hand?) under it that kicks and punches at it all the time. Ironically, this bellybutton-tastic activity has sort of derailed my writing impulses. Instead of thinking, "I should really chronicle more of my pregnancy on my LiveJournal", I find myself obsessing about the weirdness of my bellybutton's new talents, which include its ability to physically shift off center depending on where the baby's head is resting, stretch to inhuman capacities, and gradually turn itself inside out.

My intellectual assessment of this phenomenon more or less sounds like this:

"Dude... my innie is turning into an outie! Ewwwwwwww..."

For your entertainment (and, someday, my son's): Maternity Musings - Part Two.


That's all she wrote for now. I really do want to be back on here soon, albeit Baby Brain has been making that a bigger challenge than I anticipated. I will consult with the Teddy Graham (i.e. baby) and keep you posted. And lastly, to the Daddies (and Daddies-to-be) out there, I hope you have a Happy Father's Day!
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07 May 2012 @ 09:13 pm
First things first - I am making good on my birthday wishes. Special b-day shout-outs go to k8nkane, penny_sieve, starnightmuse, truesalcove, uponadream, and damoyre! Wishing you all a great year ahead! :)

And onto the musings!

Recently, I alluded on Facebook to a list of prenatal observations I've been keeping these last several months, which prompted my cousin to ask for the rest. Now that I'm halfway through this pregnancy thing (only 4 and a half months left to go... Holy crap...), I figured I'd satisfy my cousin's curiosity and list a bunch of them, not only for my own entertainment, but to see if anyone else out there has had experiences that resonate with some of this stuff.

All these food comparisons are making me nauseous.Collapse )

That's all for this installment, albeit there are many more observations to note. :) Honestly, despite all the hormone-amplified irritants on this list, we are, of course, beyond happy about being pregnant. Which brings me to the latest bit of news:

We're having a boy! :D (This major event produced at least 3 prenatal observations by itself, mind you.)

Mum's the word on the name for now, but it goes without saying we look forward to when we can announce it to the world. In the meantime, thanks for indulging my brain dump, and to all the mamas and mamas-to-be out there, Happy Mother's Day!

PS: starnightmuse made an awesome rec for a pregnancy/art blog by fanartist, Deisi. Upon perusing her entries, I laughed till I was red in the face at her hilariously honest comics. Enjoy her work at http://www.keepersoftheorb.blogspot.com.
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First off, a resounding "Happy Birthday!" to my fellow Taureans (or is that Tauruses? Tauri?) celebrating another year of existence on the earthly shore. While travel, work, and other happenings have kept me off of the LJ for a while, I've updated my LJ account to send me email to my hotmail account... which means my yahoo account, which has been theoretically defunct for quite some time, is now... officially defunct. But the moral of the story is, I will finally be able to see when people's birthdays are before they happen! Just one of many things I'm doing these days to declutter.

The Big NewsCollapse )

And because I'm feeling particularly procreative, I did something I haven't done in AGES and drew a picture. :D Finding myself somewhat unsatisfied with the "Hunger Games" representation of District 12!Katniss (and coming up dry upon doing a Google image search for a fanart representation), I sketched out a scene. And yeah, there will probably be more from HG, simply because I cannot help but obsessively draw stuff based on books I love! MUHAHAHAHAHAAA! *wrings hands*

I'm happy to report this Katniss is wearing a hunting jacket that actually looks like it belonged to her dad.

Title: "And May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!"
Medium: Graphite
Characters: Katniss and Gale
Scene: From The Hunger Games, when Katniss and Gale go out hunting together on the day of the Reaping and enjoy a small meal as they make morbid fun of Effie Trinket.

Happy Hunger Games!Collapse )

PS: Where can I find a good Hunger Games LJ art community?
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16 February 2012 @ 10:05 pm
It's been so long since I've written here, it hardly needs saying that a lot has happened. I miss this community of thinkers, artists, writers, and above all, friends. On this LiveJournal, with your supportive input, I've peeled back my personal onion to find something true, expressive, and strong tucked within accumulated layers of self doubt, hurt, and naivety. While work and real life prevent me from giving to this community as much as I used to, I've returned to my LJ tonight because I believe in sharing that which is spiritually profound to each of us in any form it manifests: love.

This is the true story of a passionate love. I hope you'll brave its difficult beginning, because it will have a happy ending.

Are not all these things the varied hues of true love?Collapse )

*Touches wand to her temple, draws out a silvery strand, and watches it fall into the glowing basin*
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21 August 2011 @ 09:35 pm
There's no truly effective way to say "I know it's been ages since I've updated and all, but I randomly have drawbles and you're the only people I want to share it with because I love you and miss you and wish I was on here all the time instead of having a job". So I'm just going to post these and hope that a) everyone in the LJ world is doing well and enjoying HP7.2/all other wonderful pursuits of happiness and b) you all enjoy the impromptu results of a work trip to San Antonio where I met up with the brilliant and beautiful pennswoods!

We basically conspired to meet up for lunch while I was in Texas for a conference, and pennswoods was able to quickly ask her flist for prompts in the event she and I could get in some artses. Luckily, we were able to get it in before I left for DC and she left for China!

I have to say, that meet-up encapsulates everything I love about the LJ fandom community. pennswoods and I had not even had a chance to speak in over a year, yet we were able to pick back up our super awesome friendship like no time had passed at all. What a truly magnificent thing.

On to the drawbles:

Title: "Flight from Gringotts" for major_dallas
Medium: Pen on paper
Notes: The anatomy's all wrong, of course. I foolishly started drawing humans before I realized I might not have enough paper to draw the dragon. But as a drawble, it's fun. And major_dallas, I hope to do a legit one of these for you soon!

Loved the way they captured this scene in the movie...Collapse )

Title: "Molly's Remorse" for dragonsinger954
Medium: Pen on paper
Notes: Intrigued by the backstory potential here. dragonsinger954's prompt stated: "Molly... when she realized she had actually killed someone? Even if it was to protect her family?" So I played a bit with the dark expression on Molly's face for a while... and Bellatrix sort of became a comedic afterthought. :)

Not my daughter, you bitch!Collapse )

And that's about all for now. I'm working on implementing a few changes in my life that may help me get on LiveJournal a little more in the months ahead. I miss writing and sharing and drawing and all those things that qualify as self-expression, and considering how long I've gone without doing any of the above... I'm surprised my head is remotely screwed on straight right now.

So until I've got the particulars sorted out on the time management front, I wish you all a wonderful end of summer. Cheers!
... to usher in my return to LJ.

First off, thank you major_dallas for giving me the nudge to participate in this most awesome LJ community, help_japan - a huge LJ initiative in which users auction off items in return for donations to benefit the Japanese recovery effort.

That said, I am auctioning off my R/HR Deathly Hallows kiss picture - the original stuff. Click on the thumbnail to view the full piece:

In my view, it's such a small sacrifice to make in the interest of contributing to such a serious a cause. I plan to auction off some additional stuff on this community as soon as I make an inventory of what I've got, but my fingers are crossed that this one will generate some much-needed donation money for Japan.

To make a bid, please visit my auction comment HERE

Thank you in advance (as always) for your support and for all the ways you show the world that fandom really is love.

*throws arms around entire flist*
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06 September 2010 @ 09:02 pm
Am rushing to put this up before I have to gather my crap together for another work trip, but CLICK!


(In which I break my art hiatus with the wonderful help of Pennswoods)

NOTE: Thank you to all who submitted prompts for this - if only we could have tackled them all. I truly wish pennswoods and I had more time to draw together, as it made me so incredibly happy to finally get back to the drawing paper. Anyway, ENJOY!